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What Is the Key to a Successful Pro-Life Fundraiser?

The key to a successful pro-life fundraiser is a comprehensive marketing strategy. The five P’s of marketing include product, price, place, and promotion, and people. 

With the five P’s as your guide, you can throw an incredibly successful pro-life fundraiser.

1. Product: The Fundraiser or Fundraising Event

This can go one of two ways. If you are hosting a fundraiser that simply asks for funds without a banquet or an event, then “product” will mean your organization’s mission. This drives donations. Donors will contribute funds to make your mission a reality, whether that’s saving lives from abortion, raising awareness about an upcoming vote, or opening a new maternity home. 

However, if you’re hosting a fundraising event, “product” will be much more comprehensive. 

It will include the event you are hosting and the quality of that event. You will want to consider every aspect of the event and how you can make it engaging, seamless, and enjoyable for your donors and partners. There are also plenty of considerations and details to keep in mind as you plan the best event possible.

2. Price: The Funds You’re Asking to Raise

Making an appeal for your organization requires strategy. It involves knowing which type of donor you’re targeting, and then crafting the donation ask around them. 

If you’re mainly speaking to major donors, you’re not going to ask them to contribute $20 monthly. If you’re inviting young Gen-Z and Millennials to a cook-out at a park, you’re not going to make an appeal for a thousand dollars from each person. 

Depending on the type of fundraiser and event, you can get more success based on the pricing strategy. For a major donor banquet, you will want to aim high after evaluating your donor list capacity.

If you’re running an email campaign, you will want to ask for an amount of money to reach a specific goal. For example, maybe $200 pays for one ultrasound and maybe $50 provides a gift to bless a new mom and her baby. You can set specific giving goals to help donors contextualize how their funds will be used and increase their likelihood of giving.

3. Promotion: How and Where You Promote Your Fundraiser

Promotion will play a significant role in your success in both choosing the promotion method and where you promote your fundraiser. When considering the optimal promotion type and placement for your messaging, you must first start with your donors.

Where do they spend their time? Which marketing method tends to get the best response from your current donor base? 

If you have a large donor following on Facebook, then Facebook advertising and organic promotion is a no-brainer. If you’re trying to reach beyond your current donors to raise awareness for your organization, you could consider Google ads or general social media ads.

Churches tend to contribute to a large portion of pro-life ministry funding. A church bulletin or announcement slide could also be helpful in reaching potential donors. 

It will depend on your type of fundraiser or fundraising event and your current donor base.

Timing will also be everything here. If you’re hosting an event, make sure you’re beginning promotion with an appropriate amount of lead time (not too early or too late). 

How you promote also matters. At Choose Life Promo, we offer a variety of engaging fundraising videos for your donors to inspire them to give. Check them out!

4. Place: How and Where Donors Can Give

In the five P’s, “Place” often refers to where you buy services/products and how they are delivered. In this context, the place will first refer to where donors can give.

We can describe this strategy in three words: make it easy!

Whether using a fundraising software platform or mailing out appeals, you want giving to be accessible for donors of every age and preference. Enable online giving, create a PayPal or a Venmo account, use easy fundraising software, share a QR code, or mail pre-addressed envelopes. 

If donors have to solve a puzzle to give to your organization, they likely won’t give. Include this in your strategic assessment when planning your fundraiser.

Place can also apply to fundraising events. You should always thoroughly consider the location of your event. If you’re seeking awareness, try hosting your walk for life in a public setting. If you’re marketing to major donors, pick a classy hotel, banquet hall, or other fitting location for the event.

5. People: Everyone Involved

“People” includes all staff members, volunteers, donors, clients, and everyone slightly involved with your organization. When it comes to a fundraising strategy, however, you will likely focus most on your donors.

Share a Meaningful Message

It’s important to appeal to the donors’ senses. We’re all human, and humans have emotions and personal experiences. Bring a human touch into your messaging by sharing real success stories and testimonials. Add a video with moving music to help donors see your mission through the eyes of those they will help by donating.

Dazzle Donors at Events

If you’re hosting a fundraising event, you want to give donors an incredible experience. Make sure to think about their experience from the time they park to when they leave. For major donors, this is a must. Your event must dazzle them and impress them with your professionalism.

If the event is low-key, even having easy parking or a warm welcome at the entrance can make a positive first impression.

Value Volunteers and Plan Well

Remember, volunteers are also donors, but you also need their help! Make sure you’re showing your gratitude, while also planning their tasks and communication in an organized manner. They should know how valued they are at your event and feel great about their volunteer work.

Success Starts with Strategy

Before you get swept away by the details of planning a fundraiser, start with a comprehensive strategy. Write it out and consider every piece. Then, go back and assign deadlines and tasks. By laying a firm foundation, you will be able to have a very successful fundraiser!

Happy Fundraising! Check out our blog for more helpful marketing tips for your pro-life organization.