Helping Clients Understand the Difference Between Plan B & the Abortion Pill


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We created this video to help your clients understand the difference between abortion and plan B. But you may be wondering why you would offer this information in the first place.

Here’s why.

Women in your area are confused about the difference between plan B and abortion, as is evidenced by the search volume for these terms. They are going to find answers somewhere. Do you want to show up as the expert and a helpful resource, or do you want them to find the information from an abortion provider?

As always, we created social media graphics to accompany this video. You can use the video on your website, social media channels and on YouTube to help you show up in search results.

Videos like this help you get out in front so you have a place of influence for women experiencing unplanned pregnancies. When they feel cared for and see you as an authoritative resource, they’ll be more likely to reach out for the services you provide.

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