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How Does the New Google Update Affect Pregnancy Help Centers?

Google, a major player in the Big Tech world, has continued to make post-Roe updates to the detriment of online visibility for pregnancy help centers. 

The most recent Google update prevents pregnancy centers from appearing in local Google Maps results for abortion keywords. This means when a woman searches “abortion near me” or “abortion clinics nearby,” pregnancy centers will not appear on the Google Maps results.

However, this does not prevent pregnancy centers from appearing in the organic search results or paid search ads. It does reduce visibility in local search as women seek abortion locally.

Unfortunately, abortion clinics still appear in local search results for pregnancy center keyword searches.

How to Adjust to Google’s Updates

Google’s updates are disappointing as Google shows its bias to cater to the loud voices of  abortion clinics and activists. Take heart though, you can still reach abortion-minded women in a variety of ways. Here are a few tips on how to adjust.

  1. Try Virtual Geofencing

Consider adding virtual geofencing to your Google marketing strategy. This allows you to put a virtual fence around specific websites and show ads to those who visit them in your area. 

It’s a workaround that enables you to market locally, even without appearing in local search results for abortion.

  1. Continue Using Abortion Keywords

Make sure to continue optimizing your website for abortion-related keywords.You can still appear in organic search results and rank high on the search page through ongoing keyword optimization.

  1. Optimize for Additional Service Keywords

Instead of having a laser focus on abortion keywords, also optimize for other service terms such as pregnancy testing, STD testing, and ultrasounds. You will be able to appear in local search results for these terms.

  1. Diversify Your Marketing Strategy

Aim to create an integrated marketing strategy that includes both digital and traditional marketing tactics. By having all your bases covered, you can ensure you remain visible and known to abortion-minded women in your area.

Find More Marketing Resources

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Fine-tune Your Google Strategy

Want to market on Google, but are unsure where to start? We have a team of experts who can help you formulate a comprehensive strategy specific to your center. Contact us to get started.